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An art strategy for the community by the community

The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District has been given $20,000 by the town to develop a broad-based public art strategy for the community of Ladysmith.

Working with local artists, arts and culture organizations, schools and community members in Ladysmith, district and Stz’uminus First Nation we are underway to create a strategy to be presented to the town in December.

This is our journey.

Featured Events

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Public Art Opportunities- Back Alleys & Forgotten Corners

Thinking about our most urban spaces— are these spaces we stay away from? If so why? Keynote speaker: Lacey McRae Williams, BA, MPI


Lunch Break Walking Tour: Back Alleys & Forgotten Corners

Join us for a lunch break jaunt as we explore local opportunities for art to revive forgotten spaces in Ladysmith.

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