You will not want to miss this! First time ever Grant Leier and Nixie Barton will have an exhibition and sale at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, April 23-26, 2015. Leier said: "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our new body of work at the Waterfront Gallery. I am revisiting figurative work from thirty years ago but with a dark twist, you may even see yourself. Nixie is working in encaustic and mixed media on paper, investigating landscape based imagery with domino motifs and sewn embellishments. This will be an exciting winter of painting in our new studios

"Leona Petrak curator of the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery said “We are thrilled to have Grant and Nixie showing in the gallery, in fact the whole Board of Directors is enthusiastic about the show.  This is a departure for us but it will be such an honor to have these two great artists displaying and selling new work in the gallery.”

Watch for  more information or check out for more information about the show.  You will want to be there early to see and purchase new works.

Nixie Barton 2015  New Works 

Encuastic on Board Series

Domino Moon  12 x 12  $1200.00  |  Domino Stripe 16 x 16  $1500.00  |  Domino 12 x 12  $1200.00  |  
Let the Games Begin $4000.00

Grant Leier 2015 New Works 

Acrylic on Canvas
Yellow Clown 16 x 40  $3000.00  |  Clown With Girl  16 x 40  $3000.00  |  Girl In White  16 x 40  3000.00

Lawyer, Waiter, Librarian, Plumber  12 x 24   $1500.00 each  

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 36
Ponder  $2000               |             Rain  $2000.00             |              Sad Fan Girl    2000.00 

Mixed Media on Canvas
Lucky Chance  22 x 30  $2500.00  |    
Next Time 22 x 30  $2500.00    |    Hopeful 22 x 30  $2500.00

Mixed Media on Canvas 20 x 40
Draw Elizabeth $ 1500.00        |       Draw Taylor  $1500.00       |        Draw Aldolf $1500.00

New works by Nixie Barton

Steady                                               Stripe                                                 Tulip Book A                                  Tulip Book B                          

works by Grant Leier

Bad Girls                                          White Girls                                    Geisha Paint Brush                         Geisha Mexico