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Dear Arts Council Members:
Re: Membership Dues:
Membership in the Ladysmith & District Arts Council enables the council to continue supporting the arts within our community in a variety of educational and inclusive arenas. Your membership dues help the council to continue this support. We cannot do without you!

At last year’s AGM, it was resolved to move the payment of membership dues to an April 1 format for everyone, which reflects our fiscal year and assists us in budgeting and planning. The 2012-2013 fiscal year will bring everyone up to the 2013 date and from then on, dues will be payable as of April 1.

Dues must be paid no later than June 28 2012 in order for you to vote at the AGM which is to be held on June 30,2012.

If you have paid your dues since April 1, 2012 Thank You. The Arts Council board sincerely values your participation as a member and is looking forward to your continued membership.

The Board
The Art Council of Ladysmith and District

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