Visit our beautiful Gift Shop 

After visiting our beautiful gallery, come by our gift shop!

People from across the island share their technique and talent in hand made items in our gift shop. You can see the commitment and expertise that each artist puts in to their craft.

We sell a wide range of items for all people. Come and find the perfect mug for your morning coffee, a flawless necklace to create a splash at your next dinner party or a greeting card with a local scene to send to your family in any part of the world.

And don't worry about a bumpy ride back home. We can gift wrap your item with bubble wrap, tissue paper and a decorative gift bag.

Come discover your new favourite local treasure!


Be Part of the Gift Shop

If you are an artist living on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands we welcome your work in our Gift Shop.  All you have to do is take out a membership which will entitle you to display in the Gift Shop for one year.  Items should be less than $150.00  see inventory sheet attached and intake instructions.